_WPL3091 topaz 5

My friend Lisa (https://www.instagram.com/lisahawkinsphotography/) and I headed out last week for a little Sunday afternoon drive and were super excited when we arrived at the top of Mount Mee near Kilcoy to find thick fog covering the entire top of the mountain. It was very surreal and it was wonderful.

photo              _WPL3122 topaz_edited-5

The first thing we did of course was to get some shots and I was really lucky to capture these little Citroen 2CV’s out on a little car rally for the day.

_WPL3166 topaz_edited-5          _WPL3132 topaz_edited-5

We then drive on a little further and stopped to photograph countless trees, all looking very haunting in the mist. This cow was very intrigued and inquisitive  as to what we were doing.

_WPL3183 topaz_edited-9

As we headed home down the mountain the weather suddenly cleared, it was as if the mist and fog never existed. It was an afternoon that I will remember for a long time. It was magical and I loved every minute.

Lisa, thank for your company I had the best afternoon!