I was asked to do a cake smash with a difference last weekend. So what’s a cake smash I hear you ask? A cake smash is usually a celebration of a baby’s first birthday. It’s generally the first time they have seen or tasted cake so it can make for a lot of fun and laughs as you capture the baby’s reaction to it. Usually a cake smash is one baby and a cake however this cake smash was a little different with 4 babies and 4 cakes. The children were delightful and at first a little apprehensive but they soon got the hang of it.

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I photographed them all separately to begin with. Some loved it while others weren’t quite sure about getting messy

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I then placed them all together for group shots…not an easy task  I have to say as some of them wanted to crawl away but the mums were fabulous and kept the kids on task.

_WPL8622-4 efex topaz small

Then one poor little man became upset and I was to learn later that he had been bitten by a bull ant.

_WPL8636 efex topaz small

_WPL8746 efex topaz

The remaining bubs started to get the hang of it and began having some fun.

_WPL8679 efex topaz 2 small

Sharing is caring …..until you are bitten lol

_WPL8682 efex 1 topaz small

_WPL8749-3 efex topaz small

I would love to hear your suggestions on a  caption for this last pic. My daughter said” keep your hands off my man you hussy!”


I loved being a part of this and the bubs were brilliant and funny. If you would like your baby or babies photographed please contact me via my website wwwbethwodephotography.com.au